February 1910 was when my great grandfather Elias Bryan opened the family's first barbecue restaurant Oak Cliff. A generation later the tradition continued with Great Uncle red Bryan and Grandmother Harris.

The third generation proprietors, Cousin Sonny and my father David Bryan Harris added their names to our family barbecuing business.

Now I, Jimmy Harris, am the fourth generation to continue our fine family tradition

David Bryan Harris opened Red Bryan's Barbecue in 1965 on North Collins Street in Arlington. In 1988, after a three year sabbatical, our family tradition reopened as David's Barbecue on West Park Row in Pantego. When dad was elected as Constable Precinct 2, I purchased the business and became the sole proprieter in 1992.

I am proud to be the fourth generation serving authentic Texas Barbecue. So ya'll come by for a visit. We look forward to serving you.

David's Barbeque, All Rights Reserved